About Me

Started my career in Europe, working for financial and manufacturing companies in IT operations, software engineering and product management developing and managing the delivery of some of the industry’s leading system and network technology.

I moved to the US in 1996, to join a startup called Tivoli. I worked for Gartner as an analyst, defining new markets, writing research, providing industry and technology guidance to customers and presenting and keynoting at industry events.

I have held leadership roles at three successful technology startups as well as the positions in large portfolio companies. I was the VP Products and Strategy at IBM Tivoli, CTO at BMC Software and SVP Portfolio Strategy at CA Technologies.  I am currently the VP Product Strategy at Quali.  I also server on the advisory board of an exciting startup Proof Analytics.

  • Over two hundred research papers and published articles on subjects including datacenter management, cloud computing, DevOps and Edge computing.
  • White papers including the first published maturity model for Infrastructure and operations, and the first definition and positioning of the IT process automation tools market (Runbook automation)
  • Numerous keynotes and presentations at leading industry events in the US and Europe on a wide range of IT management subjects including managing the impact of emerging technologies; the use of behavioral learning, analytics and AI for IT management; applications management; the adoption of public and private cloud; DevOps; and edge computing

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