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Opsleuth is one of the 500+ David Williams’ on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. It’s bad enough being the 2nd or 3rd David Williams on a flight, where I’m known as the David Williams that didn’t get the upgrade.

I got involved with IT operations management a long time ago when it was cool. I started as a computer operator where my responsibilities included working the night shift, baby-sitting high speed printers and separating and splitting a mountain of output. It was not a glamourous job and usually resulted in paper cuts all over my carbon ink colored hands. I got to a position where I could touch the IBM system console, which was a panel and a hardcopy device.

After a number of systems and network operations jobs and ended up at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). I moved from IT operations to software engineering then to product management. I spent twenty years learning many dead operating systems working for software companies small and large, managing and marketing IT operations systems and network products. In the mid 90’s I moved from London to Austin Texas to take a job at Tivoli, a larger than life startup. Soon after I arrived the company was acquired by IBM.

This century I have worked for a number of startups some successful and some that hit the wall with no skid marks. I have also had corporate roles running large organizations and more recently I was  a CTO at BMC focused initially on availability and performance monitoring and then Cloud and Automation.  I now have the pleasure of working for Gartner as a Research Vice President.

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