IT Availability and Performance Monitoring Maturity

IT maturity remains a focus for analysts trying to explain how IT operations teams can increase their efficiency or business alignment or used and organizations coming to grips with where they are and what they need to do to improve. Personally, I like maturity models, if written well they can be used as a way to establish a current state and plot a path for improvement with a set of goals and objectives.   When it comes to products a model can serve as a way to assess if you are ready to get the value out of the product, justify the investment, understand the value (as it pertains to a level of maturity) and if looking at a suite of tools establish a path of purchase (e.g. buy this first, attain value, increase maturity/readiness and move to the next product).

I wrote my first maturity model (for IT Operations Management) with Donna Scott ( ) in July 1999 while at Gartner (the first time). It can’t be easily found now as it’s buried deep (deep) in the Gartner research archives. Although, if you are a Gartner client and enjoy reading research written at the same time the pyramids were being built then check the ‘archive’ button in the research search engine and look for  ‘IT Management Process Maturity’. The one thing I like about this model was its simplicity.

More recently I have built a number of other models. One for BSM, automation, end-user productivity and availability and performance monitoring.  A white paper version of the availability and performance model can be found at the following location;

(“The Right Availability and Performance Management Model: The Recipe for Value Maturity”)

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