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I am involved in writing and contributing content on a number of subjects and in various media outlets. ‘Outside the blog‘ lists of some of the most recent.

IDC PlanScape: Building IT’s Emerging Technology Team


This IDC PlanScape provides the CIO and senior IT leaders with a cohesive planning process for successfully introducing and implementing an emerging technology function within their organizations. This ensures that emerging technologies are identified, tested, selected, and implemented to achieve the greatest value and return while managing through the change without disrupting the business.

Edge Computing: Inherent Challenges and How to Address Them


Edge computing creates management challenges not found with data center or cloud computing.  Spreading mission critical applications and data to the Edge introduces scale and performance challenges which demand Edge environments function efficiently and reliably no matter how many instances are introduced.

Edge Computing: Everything Old is New Again


The IT industry loves a new paradigm. It provides the opportunity to discuss innovative technology while introducing a whole range of existing products and services in totally new ways. The latest paradigm is Edge Computing. Analysts describe Edge as the way to move data processing nearer the business, connecting millions of IoT devices, placing containers of equipment in fields all enabled with the speed of 5G networks.

This high-level description ignores the fact that highly-distributed computing has been around for decades.  Edge is just a lot more distributed, more mission critical, more connected and smarter.

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