IDC PlanScape: The Emerging Technology Team — Managing the Portfolio’s Budget and Business Outcomes

This IDC study explores how forward-thinking companies are changing how they manage their product portfolios by using proactive emerging technologies teams. These companies manage emerging technologies proactively — monitoring their industries, understanding market trends, tracking the development of emerging technologies, and assessing the gap between what is being used and what is needed to meet the company’s future business needs. The objective of the companies is to adopt industry-leading technology at the optimum time to attain maximum business value. The IT emerging technology team assesses current portfolio value with the long-term view on how new and emerging technology will benefit the business with a plan to replace, as needed, technology currently used in everyday production.

“Companies are increasingly embracing emerging technology earlier in the product life cycle, looking to gain an advantage and deliver a business advantage,” says David Williams, adjunct analyst with IDC’s IT Executive Programs (IEP). “The role of the IT emerging technology team is to ensure that emerging technology is adopted at the right time and without risk.”